The Christmas Bundle


Christmas is a time of tradition, of family, and of creating lasting memories which is why This Is You is delighted to introduce the Christmas Bundle – The Ideal Gift for Generations to Come!

When you purchase both the Christmas Memory Journal and the Lifetime Memory Journal together, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount off the regular price. It’s the perfect gift whether it’s for your friend, siblings, niece/nephew, or grandchildren. Not to mention the perfect Kris Kindle gift!

Gift your loved ones with easy prompts and a one-of-a-kind tool to create, capture, and treasure their family memories for years to come. This holiday season, make memories that truly last with the Christmas Bundle. Order now and give the gift of a lifetime!

This Is You and Your Christmas Memory Journal

A book of history you will relish for a lifetime, because as traditions begin and evolve, as families grow, and as eras change, it is a book of history unique to you! Allow this beautiful "This Is You and Your Christmas Memories" journal to become a part of your family's heritage and a cherished heirloom for generations to come! Christmas is such a special time of year full of rich and wonderful memories for our children. Tracing 12 years of Christmas memories, this book will celebrate and preserve the life and memories you pour into its pages over the years. Use this journal to create a wonderful collection of memories for your little one to help carry on your Christmas Traditions to the next generation. A perfect gift for your child, nephew, niece, or grandchild.
  • 200 pages
  • A5 Hardback Journal
  • Space for Christmas photos
  • Presented in a beautiful gift box
  • 12 Years of Memories to gift to your child when they are older.

This Is You Memory Journal Book

Preserve the memories that you make together. This Is You Memory Journal is a fantastic way of showcasing and protecting precious family memories, photos, traditions, and heirlooms. Our memory-keeping journal can be your way of telling your loved ones, as well as your future generations, the story of your family and the proud heritage you are passing on. This lovely journal can also be a wonderful way to document your children’s growth, record those little moments, and is designed as a gift from an adult to the child on their 21st birthday. Preserve the memories that you make together in this high-quality, hard-backed journal. With prompts and guides, this gorgeous journal will be a gift your loved one will treasure forever.
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Christmas is a time of tradition, of family, and of creating lasting memories which is why This Is You is delighted to introduce the Christmas Bundle – The Ideal Gift for Generations to Come!

Whether you’re buying for your sibling, friend, child, niece/nephew, or grandchild, this bundle is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.  The bundle includes two of our favourite products designed to help you celebrate and preserve the moments that matter most, and both at an incredible 20% off!!

Christmas Memory Journal
Unlock the magic of Christmas with the This Is You and Your Christmas Memories Journal, our hardback A5 journal which is beautifully crafted and boasts 200 pages of memory-making potential. Each page is an invitation to relish and record all those family holiday traditions and celebrations. A gift that keeps on giving, as your family grows and the years pass, this journal will evolve into a cherished heirloom, full of unique stories and memorable moments passed down through generations. Think of it this way, it’s not just a book; it’s a legacy.

  • 12 Years of Memories
  • Space for Christmas Photos
  • Create a visual time capsule
  • Presented in a Beautiful Gift Box
  • Ready to delight your loved ones

 Lifetime Memory Journal
The This Is You Lifetime Memory Journal is a heartfelt gift for capturing your family’s journey. It really is more than just a journal; it’s a treasure chest of family history, photos, traditions, and heirlooms. This high-quality, hardback journal is a gift from you to your child, a storybook of their life. It’s designed to gift to them on their 21st birthday, a heartfelt token of their proud heritage and one unforgettable and extremely personal gift!

  • Space for Photos
  • Preserve your visual memories
  • Guides and Prompts
  • Record key life moments
  • Customisable with Your Child’s Name
  • Personalise their legacy
  • Presented in a Beautiful Keepsake Box
  • Ready for gifting.


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